HOMETOWN: Monterrey, Mexico

FUN FACT: Gino once competed in a mini Lucha match when he was 6 years old.

Former 3-time ROW Champion Gino Media is the ultimate measuring stick on the very competitive Reality of Wrestling roster. Even though he may not carry a championship at times, this man exudes excellence and competitiveness unlike anyone else. If you want to test yourself, look no further than Gino. Historically as one of the ROW’s elite, Gino Medina is not to be taken lightly at any moment. He will tell you himself with no pause in his words, he is untouchable.



Gino Meet & Greet: February 11th, 2017


How does it feel to be arguably the most decorated ROW superstar in history?

It’s great! I hear that a lot and sometimes it doesn’t really click but when I’m alone and actually think about it makes me very happy. When you’re continually working hard sometimes, you think much might not come out of it. In my case, I feel like it has. All I’ve accomplished I genuinely think it’s because of all the work I put in. I hear a lot that I’ve been handed stuff and that I’m the golden boy at Reality of Wrestling but honestly don’t know anybody that works harder around here

How do you plan to work your way back up to a possible regaining of the ROW championship?

Honestly, I’m not too worried about it. I’ve been at the top for so long that sometimes it’s nice to take a step back. Does that mean I don’t want that championship? Of course not. I’m just excited to prove why I am one of the best at the Reality of Wrestling. How am I going to do that you ask? That’s by working all the way from the bottom and laying out anybody they put in front of me, one Scarlet Letter at a time.

Anything you want to tell those who might be interesting in joining Reality of Wrestling?

Be ready to put in some work, because you will be tested. We want nothing but the best here, so we will try to see who wants it. No pressure!