ROW’s Beginner/Advanced Class is designed to get you in shape  and take you step-by-step to get you ready for a career in the ring. Each student is personally evaluated by Booker T to determine if you have what it takes to become a pro wrestler.

  • Enrollment is current and ongoing.
  • Students must be 18 years of age (15 years with parental permission).
  • An initial down payment is required. Several payment options are available.

  • IMPORTANT – Most questions about training can be answered by reading our FAQ page.
  • Once you have read thru the FAQ page, contact us by calling (281)993-5321 or (409)316-4147 to discuss pricing and any other questions.

  • You can also email us.

Initial Assessment

  • Each new student will undergo an initial assessment to determine their level of overall conditioning, agility, and in-ring knowledge.Students who pass the initial assessment will be assigned to the Beginner or Advanced Program; others may be invited to the Development Camp.

  • Some students may be assigned to a conditioning program prior to starting in-ring instruction.

Beginner Training

  • Beginner training consists of overall conditioning and basic in-ring movements (running the ropes, bumps, ring awareness, footwork, basic holds, basic sequences and basic ring psychology). Beginner training is cardio-intensive.

Advanced Training

  • Advanced training consists of  advanced holds and moves, complex sequences, advanced ring psychology, match development, and match psychology.

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