Jonathan Vega

By Kirby Carreon

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Chicago, Illinois

A current member of La Familia, Jonathan Vega has been Ayden Cristiano’s right hand man since day one. Showing a more vicious side recently, Vega has caught the eye of ROW officials and had a very competitive match with Gino recently. Having an unsuccessful attempt at capturing the ROW Tag Team titles in a Fatal 4 way didn’t deter this competitor one bit. Vega is still hard at training with his tag team partner in La Familia, and hopes that his recent showings earn him a future 1 on 1 tag match for the Championships.

Since Ayden captured the biggest prize in ROW, one thing can definitely be said: La Familia might not be too far behind.

Fun fact: Eddie Guerrero and Edge inspired him to become a pro-wrestler. Spider-man was his favorite comic book character growing up.

Twitter: @JonathanVega56
Instagram: jjvega108

How long have you been training as a pro wrestler?

I have been pro wrestler for 7 years and I have been with ROW for 2.


What is a goal you currently have at ROW?

Current goal for myself and my Familia is to take over Reality of Wrestling as the most dominant group to ever set foot in the company.


How did La Familia come about?

La Familia was born when Ayden Cristiano and I came to the realization that in this business no one has your back. Familia always does. Together for just a little under a year, La Familia took claim of the Reality of Wrestling championship, and we do not plan to let it go easily.


Any parting words for the ROW Nation?

Embrace La Familia!

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