Ayden Cristiano

By Kirby Carreon

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Madrid, Spain

Family is something that Ayden Cristiano does not take lightly. The phrase “ride or die” is something that isn’t just something that is said to him, it’s something he lives by. Having come from the successful Team International, he formed his own “Familia” with Jonathan Vega and Diego De La Cruz. His crowning achievement however, was capturing the ROW Heavyweight championship from Gino in a Lucha Extrema match, Ayden’s specialty match. He has since avoided Gino at all costs, with a rubber match between the two boiling beneath the surface.

With the target on his back as the top champion in ROW, the “Madman from Madrid” will be making his toughest trek in his long journey in ROW, maintaining the status as ROW heavyweight champion.

Fun fact: Ayden raises pet pythons.

You’ve been a part of ROW since day 1. How has it felt seeing all the talent walk in and out?

There’s been a lot of good talent, honestly. They come in, and some go to bigger places and do very well. Others decide that this isn’t for them. It doesn’t change my mind in any way because I know what I want to do. I just wish that anyone that walks through the ROW doors and leaves the best, wherever they go.

You finally captured the ROW title for the first time. How did you feel the moment you knew you had Gino defeated?

Vindicated. It was a lot of backstory to this. I honestly feel to have a match like that with a guy like Gino, even though we have our past, to be able to wrestle of that caliber right now, that was something I definitely wanted to do. So it was good.

You’ve also held the Tag Team Titles before. How would you compare your current title reign to this one?

That was when I was with the notorious Team International. It was a lot of guys that just did whatever we wanted, and did that to make noise here at the ROW. I wasn’t given the chance to be a leader like I am now. Now I have my own Familia. There’s pressure, because I have to lead these guys to be better, and I gotta lead by example. We may not always win, but we go out there and give it all.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Support us if you’re a fan of pro-wrestling. We try to give you a high quality show for your money. I don’t think there’s anywhere around here where you’re gonna get the type of quality event, all-around. From production, from the talent who bust their butts every night, all of it. I don’t think you’re gonna come across a set of individuals dedicated to this as we are. It’s really for you guys, because without the fans, there is no show.

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