Abel Andrew Jackson

By Kirby Carreon

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Washington, DC
The self proclaimed “Face of Reality of Wrestling”, Abel Andrew Jackson has recently found himself under the “expert tutelage” of Stevie Ray and has been experiencing a career resurgence of sorts. After a derailed political campaign, Abel has refocused himself as one of the ROW’s veterans. It has shown that his focus is on being a vicious competitor, picking up key victories over Rob Barnes, Ryan Davidson, and Joseph A’gau recently. Capturing his first ROW Heavyweight title might be in the near future for Abel Andrew Jackson, as he has shown he is willing to do anything to reach the top. As the new slogan says, “Stand up for greatness”.
What does Stevie Inc. have in store for Abel Andrew Jackson? Things are unfolding quickly, so be sure to catch Reality of Wrestling on FITE TV to find out!
Fun fact: Withdrew his campaign from the 2016 election.


You’ve recently had a more vicious side of you when you battle inside the ring. How much did Stevie Ray had to attribute to the new attitude?

It’s a total 180. Stevie Ray has found me a new aggression. I wouldn’t have it any other way

Stevie Ray has led many people to championships before. Do you think he can do the same for you?

Definitely. I’ve been learning a lot. He takes the care away from me. I cared too much about what everyone thought and pleasing everyone, but Stevie has taught me that that’s not the way to go. He’s making me realize what’s most important, and that’s me

Having been with ROW for a long time and being someone who has been unable to capture the ROW title, how far would you say you are from being in contention?

Right around the corner. I’m on my way to the top. It could be any day.

You say you’re going straight to the top. Once you reach it, what do you plan to do to stay there?

I dont plan to just stay at the top. I plan to shatter that ceiling and going further. A lot of people think it’s over once you make it to the top, once you become king. I disagree. That’s when the hard work truly begins.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Get ready, and stand up for greatness.


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