HOMETOWN: Seattle, Washington

FUN FACT: Shawn Hendrix is vegan. He also fosters rescue animals. Almost 20 just in the past year alone, only because likes animals more than people

We are Legion, and we are many. A phrase that Shawn Hendrix put his entire force and life behind. It has made him the ROWs resident enigma, and propelled him to be one half of the ROW Tag Team Champions at one point. One thing matters to Shawn Hendrix, and that is spreading the gospel of the Julian Year. Everyone that has opposed him or been exiled from Legion has been nothing but a calculated casualty. It has ended up working in his favor, since Shawn Hendrix could call himself the king of a division at one point.

Now with Legion in shambles and being the only remaining member left, Shawn Hendrix has been backed into an unfamiliar corner. One thing is for sure however: Shawn Hendrix is still one dangerous individual


Legion is looking to be the strongest it has ever been. Did you feel an immediate change when these new followers joined the Collective?

Absolutely. The new followers were able to think for themselves. They were not the zombies that I had before so they were able to contribute unlike the others. It was a collective moreso, more of a braintrust.

You finally have a Tag Team Championship in your résumé. When you held the Championship for the first time, did all the past failures in ROW just disappear at that moment?

Absolutely. The years and years of failure, as much as I do not want to say that, holding that belt was all part of the plan. Maybe people saw me as a failure, people would start to underestimate me, and then like a phoenix out of the ashes, I captured gold.

What is something else you hope to accomplish in ROW?

The tag team championships are a nice starting place. As there more than one of us in Legion, I would like to maybe get some more gold. My shoulders are starting to feel a little light now, so getting more would definitely be nice.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Watch out for us. We’ve been in the back burner for a long, long time. And with that, and with years of frustration, of years of being underappreciated, of being underused, undervalued, that frustration is going to bubble up. And it is going to explode.