Hyan ROW


HOMETOWN: Houston, Texas
FUN FACT: Has been featured on Monday Night RAW.

Known as the Renaissance Woman, Hyan has brought the fight to every competitor in the Diamonds Division over the past few years. After taking a break from competition in Reality of Wrestling, Hyan brought a renewed intensity to her 2018 campaign, and it certainly showed. One of the most impressive female competitors in ROW, Hyan made her presence felt internationally by making her Japanese debut earlier this year. Touted as one of the best female talents in and out of ROW, the now 3-time champion has made sure that any female competitor that crosses her path knows her name.


2018 arguably has been your career year. How do you plan to finish the year?

“I plan to finish the year on top, to remain the Diamonds Division Champion. To be remembered as the best champion in ROW history.”

How do you plan to carry the momentum forward?

“This year has been amazing, and 2019 will be no different. There’s no plateau in sight. “

Anything you want to tell those who might be interesting in joining Reality of Wrestling?

“If you’re interested in training, remember that respect and paying your dues goes a long way. There are no shortcuts. Shake hands and open your ears.”