HOMETOWN: Santa Monica, California

Cameron Cole was once someone fans couldn’t wait to see in the ROW. Now he’s someone ROW nation cant wait to see get thrown around the ring! The self-proclaimed “Ice Cold” Cam Cole is someone who always has a nasty look in his face as he despises everyone that isn’t him. Who smokes indoors? Cam does. His trusty vape he carries to the ring before his matches has led to many new victories and also a lot of new beatings.


How long have you trained at ROW?

It has been 3 years now I think. Started at WXF and I worked my way to where I am now.

What’s been your most memorable moment as a member of the ROW Roster?

I think for my personal growth would be winning the Tag Team Titles. It was with a guy that I basically grew up with in this business. The second would probably be my steel cage match. I think that was really one of our defining moments, and especially for myself.

What is your current goal in ROW?

I want to be the best. The main person here in Reality of Wrestling. I do not think if you do not have that mindset, you should not be here. I want to be the best match, everything.

You have recently rekindled an old rivalry with JJ Blake. How do you think things will play out differently this time than last time?

We had a lot of great matches here. That was almost 2 years ago. I think I am a different person now, so we will have to see. Maybe we have a new Television Champion. We will have to see.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Thank you for the support. I get countless emails, countless facebook messages, almost every day. Thank you. I am going to keep working hard, and thank you for the support.