Tyree Taylor

By Kirby Carreon

Tyree Taylor Profile Page

Brooklyn, New York

The “Big boy from Brooklyn” lives up to the nickname. Weighing in over 300 pounds, Tyree sure does know how to fly and move like a cruiserweight. Having a ROW Tag Team championship reign already on his resume, Tyree is looking to repeat that success, but as a singles competitor. He has toe tags and body bags for everyone that is unlucky enough to cross his rampage, and with a victim list like Jeisán and Ransom, that singles gold cannot be too far behind.

His “heavy hitter, wig splitter, never quitta” attitude is something that is almost unmatched, and the victim list can only get longer from here on out.

Fun fact: Tyree is half Panamanian.

Facebook:Tyree D. Taylor
Twitter: T_Taylor347
Instagram: T_Taylor347

You moved from Brooklyn to Texas. What inspired that move?

When I left New York, I was in Corpus Christi. I was with someone that lived here. I was just looking for a home. I ended up working in a refinery for six months. I wanted to check the scene out, and I was actually about to hit up San Antonio and see what they were about. I had done my research about it, but then I saw this show called Reality of Wrestling, and it just caught my attention and I was hooked. I knew I had to be a part of that show. I made every plan to move down here, and made sure to be as close as possible to ROW.

Is there anyone that you currently have your sights set on as a future opponent?

Talent wise, this is one of the most talented locker rooms out there. To pin point one person, it would be insanely difficult because then you have to go into styles of matches. I am going to leave all of that to the decision makers. Now, one guy in particular, even though we have had tag matches against each other before, and never one on one, I think we would tear the house down, would absolutely have to be Ryan Davidson.

What’s a current championship you would like to challenge for?

Any and all. You also want to go to the top, of course, as the ROW Heavyweight Championship. However, there is someone out there that has been holding a championship for almost 2 years, whether it be the Television Championship that transcended into the Texas Championship, I think Rex Andrews needs to be knocked off his pedestal. Everyone has been playing his game, you know, catch as catch can, grappling, but I want to see how it would go if he walks out onto my street and we have to throw hands. We would be out there, get down, get gritty, and fight.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

ROW Nation, thank you guys for supporting me ever since I have been here, been on TV, been on CW39. I did not even think this would happen. Thank you.

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