The ROW Presents: “The Past Reborn”

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Legendary wrestling promoter, Paul Boesch passes on the torch to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Huffman, as The ROW reaches new heights and forges partnership with Northeast Wrestling out of Connecticut.

1966. A year that gave us the first episode of Star Trek. A year in which the Lakers and Celtics only further cemented their rivalry as one of the greatest in all of sports. And a year where one man made sure that Houston wrestling, as Chris Jericho would put it, would never be the same again. That man was legendary wrestling promoter, Paul Boesch. This is because it was in 1966 that he took over Houston Wrestling. It was with Boesch’s mindset, likeability, and way of doing business, that he put Houston on the map as a premiere wrestling location. Working with all of the top promotions, across the country, Boesch cemented a legacy not just for himself, but for the state of Texas.

Now, here we are in 2014 and one man is following in the footsteps of his “mentor”, Paul Boesch. Enter fellow Texas wrestling legend, multi time world and tag team champion, and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Since the mid 2000’s, Booker has been running wrestling shows in conjunction with his wrestling school out of the greater Houston area. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket to a Reality of Wrestling show, then you are truly in for a treat. Booker and his group of talented young men and women are doing wrestling right. Booker attributes much of his success to practicing the ways of Boesch, “I look up to that man. He put wrestling on the map in a big way in Houston. I wear his ring everyday as a reminder to where we want to go with this thing.” It’s no secret that Booker also has Boesch’s picture up in his office.


Well, Booker and The ROW crew have already accomplished part one of the goal. They are the premiere spot in Texas for wrestling, often referred to as the “Flagship of Texas Wrestling.” It doesn’t look like the train is slowing down anytime soon for them either. The school is always taking in new students because there is such a high demand to be trained by Booker, the shows sale out every month, and they have a TV deal both locally in Houston with The Kube, as well as a semi national TV deal with Soul of the South that has them in some of the country’s largest markets. In July, The ROW will be having their first iPPV, another huge milestone for the company.

However, Booker is always looking to make things bigger and better. “We are just getting started man. I have had a long and successful career thus far. However, that wouldn’t have happened if people didn’t believe in me along the way,” said Booker. Well, apparently not only does Booker believe in his students, but he also believes that Boesch’s methods can work in today’s wrestling climate.

It is with this mindset that Booker is taking Reality of Wrestling beyond the limits of where the 610 loop can reach. This is much like Boesch, who worked with Mid South Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, Universal Wrestling Federation, and what we now know of as WWE.

It was announced this week that Reality of Wrestling and Northeast Wrestling out of the Connecticut, will be forging a partnership. All of this will kick off with Booker going up there to teach a seminar to anybody with some prior wrestling experience on August 2nd. However, because there has already been such a high demand, the seminar will be capped at 40 participants. But, it doesn’t stop there. “I want to bring back the days of the territories. That was when wrestling was at its best,” said Booker. He then went on to talk about how he plans to have his talent on Northeast Wrestling’s shows and their talent on his shows.

“I want to give my guys a chance to show people outside of Texas what they can do. Plus, I am constantly getting tweets and messages from fans about when we are going to bring Reality of Wrestling to them. This is part one of doing that,” Booker said. The good news for all the wrestling hopefuls out there is that this plan also includes Booker’s wrestling school. “The plan is for me and one of two of my guys to go up there for a few days each month and help train students at their school,” says Booker.

One has to imagine that somewhere Paul Boesch is looking down on Booker and smiling, all the while saying, “I can dig that sucka!”

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