Terrale Tempo

By Kirby Carreon

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Levelland, Texas

A former Television Champion, Terrale Tempo has risen to become one of the ROW Nations favorite competitors. As soon as his music hits those speakers, the roar of the crowd engulfs the World’s Gym Arena. After intense rivalries with the likes of Rex Andrews and JJ Blake, Tempo is now focusing on getting back to the top of a mountain. Whether it is a second run at the TV Championship, or possibly his first bid towards a ROW Heavyweight championship, his only goal is upwards. He is not a competitor to be taken lightly, as he has shown he has what it takes to raise to the level of big matches, recently competing in a “No Limits” Steel cage match.

His athleticism is almost unmatched inside the ring, and he has taken everyone to the limit. If you face him, be sure to able to keep up with his tempo, or you will get left behind.

Fun fact: does not go to the top rope very often, but when he does, you are in for a treat

Facebook: Terrale Tempo
Twitter: @tempoterrale
Instagram: terraletempo

You just cleared one year with ROW. What has been your favorite moment?

My favorite moment had to be… well actually it is a two night ordeal. It was when I faced Rex Andrews at Christmas Chaos. We went down there and had a great match. I came up a little short that night, but I will never forget that match. The second one is when I won the Television championship in the battle royal. That right there. I can go back and watch that so many times, and I can still hear how the fans were going crazy and cheering for me. The thing about that, on TV it cuts out right before the crowd started chanting “You deserve it!” for straight 2 to 3 minutes and gave me a standing ovation. I can definitely call that the best moment of my career.

Who is someone you have not faced that you would like to get in the ring with?

There is a list. So many competitors I have not faced. Bryan Keith, Mysterious Q, Abel Andrew Jackson, Rob Barnes, man honestly the list could go on for days. Sean Studd, Bartek, man, all these people have different styles. It would be cool to test the waters to see how I could go against them.

Regaining the TV title has seemed nearly impossible for you since JJ Blake took it from you. Do you have any new plans or chase new titles?

When you lose something the way I lost the Television Championship, there is always a way to get it back. You said it has been nearly impossible, and you are not wrong in that, but JJ has found a way at each and every turn to somehow keep the title. First it was a hammer, then it took a chair, then it took his insurance policy Tiny. Even in the cage match where there were no rules. I knew I had him beat, JJ Blake can not beat me 1 on 1, and then what happens? Tiny comes out and gives him the match. That was one thing that I underestimated. I did not think there was anyone in the planet that wanted to be around JJ Blake, let alone be his friend, like… willingly. I did not think there was any amount of money for anyone to change that. So whatever category Tiny falls under, to each their own. With Tiny, Blake played his final card up his sleeve. I am ready. I am ready for the chair, the hammer, anything. I even have something for Tiny, so I am going to regain the championship. That is my mission right now.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Thank you for your support. Even if you do not support me, thanks for supporting the show. This crowd is always great, they are always amazing. Wow, just wow. Every show they keep getting bigger and better, and this energy in the arena is just electric. Come check out a live show if you have not. Thank you for watching the product, being fans, and we could not do it without you.

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