Spotlight Interview: Gustavo Mendoza



ROW Nation recently witnessed Bryan Keith’s attempt to collect the bounty placed on Gustavo Mendoza’s head. Although Keith won the battle, technically, after a steel chair smacked across his skull for a disqualification victory — but at bout’s end, it was the devious Gustavo Mendoza basking in the destruction of his opponent.

Following the match, The ROW Reporter was able to sit down with Gustavo in an attempt to get an explanation for his actions.

During your match with Bryan Keith, you seemingly had the upper hand but opted to bring a chair into the ring, resulting in a disqualification. Is destroying Bryan Keith more important to you than winning the TV Title?

There is nothing more important to me than the GOLD! I wanted the world to know what Bryan Keith now knows. I can take that Television Championship whenever I want. I sense that Bryan Keith knew that before the match. What he didn’t know is what lengths I would go to take it from him.

Because of your actions, General Manager Sharmell announced a No DQ Match between you and Bryan in Spring, TX on 10/17. Do you feel that a No DQ match favors you more than Bryan Keith?

Ah yes, the lovely Sharmell. Our “brave” leader. It wouldn’t be a fair fight for a Gustavo Mendoza match without adding a ridiculous stipulation. Sharmell, I thought you liked Bryan Keith? After all those bounties he has collected, why would you sign his life away to me in a NO DQ match? The “Quickest Kicks in the South” is going to have to fight to survive. Unfortunately for him, he will lose that Television Championship and it will cost him an arm and a leg. I hope you are reading this, Keith. I won’t stop until I take all of your GOLD!!!

Bryan Keith is arguably the person responsible for the downfall of Team International. He defeated every member and caused widespread dissension among the group. Are you targeting Bryan Keith as payback?

I built Team International from the ground up. The dissension was caused by greed and jealousy. That was how my empire crumbled down. So understand this, it was not by the hands of some “Bounty Hunter”. Sometimes things end.

Do you have any interest in trying to reform Team International? Have you spoken with Parviz, X, Ayden, or Reyna since your return?

We are done here, no more questions!


  • Gustavo Mendoza vs. Bryan Keith(c) – No DQ Match for ROW TV Championship.
  • Also announced – Big Sean Studd vs. Parviz



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