ROW Mourns the Loss of Nelson Frazier

Nelson Frazier Jr., known for three stints in WWE, has passed away at 43 years old. He died Tuesday (Feb. 18) from a heart attack, just days after his birthday.

During his time in WWE, Nelson wrestled under several different names. Originally known as Mabel, Frazier won the 1995 King of the Ring tournament. He left in 1996, only to return in 1998 as Viscera, joining The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness. Eventually, he left the company again in 2000.

Frazier’s last run in WWE began in 2004. He returned as Viscera before his name was changed again, this time to Big Daddy V, in 2007. He stayed with the company until 2008. ROW offers condolences to Frazier’s family and friends.

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