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By Kirby Carreon

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Sydney, Australia

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI OI OI! Rob Barnes brings his native lands’ battle cry with him and has tremendous national pride. A former ROW Heavyweight Champion, Rob Barnes always brings the fight to his opponent and given recent victories, he is not afraid to use his self-proclaimed intelligence…as long as the ref does not see it that is. Having been in the ring with some of the best talent the ROW has to offer, anyone that steps into the ring with Rob has a rough night ahead of them. Will we ever see Rob Barnes climb back up and become a possible two-time ROW heavyweight champion? If he does, he would be joining a very short list of elite competitors that have accomplished that feat. But one thing is for certain: Rob Barnes is always one big win away from being the #1 contender for the ROW championship.

Catch Rob Barnes’ next match at World Gym Arena, every month in Texas City for Reality of Wrestling!

Fun fact: Rob holds a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Facebook: Rob Barnes
Twitter: @Australia1RB
Instagram: @Australia1RB

You have been with ROW for a long time. What has been your favorite part of being in ROW?

I would say my favorite part is right now. I think I am the best I have ever been, I think I am in the best shape I have ever been, I am still coming off what I thought was a career ending injury. Just to be able to continue doing what I am doing, it makes me extremely happy, and I just think the level I am performing at right now is my favorite part of Reality of Wrestling.

You have seen so many people come and go from ROW. What is a dream opponent for you in ROW?

I would say, since there are definitely a lot of people who have come and gone, I would definitely put Mysterious Q, Gino, and Rex Andrews up there as my top 3 people. I have wrestled Gino and Rex before maybe once. I feel they both had really good chemistry with me. As far as Q, I have always enjoyed his work, and I want to see what I could do with him, the magic we could put on. I think those are my top 3 opponents I would like to test myself against.

It has been awhile since you have been a champion at ROW. Any title you feel you are close to getting a chance to challenge for?

You know, I never really think about championships. As much as I may profess it on TV, what is important to me is my progression. What is important to me is that every time I perform, I am better than last time. So if I get an opportunity, great, and I would love to have an opportunity right now when I am at the best shape of my career, but if that does not happen, that is fine too. As long as I can see myself getting better, that is what matters to me.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Australia is the greatest country in the world. Sorry that you have to hear that.


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