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By Kirby Carreon

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Dothan, Alabama

If there is a phrase to describe Rex Andrews, it is meticulous predator. If Rex even senses a slight change in demeanor due to injury, you can bet he will target the injury and never relent, just like a true master tactician. Ever since his return from exile to India, Rex Andrews has been a changed man, and has let no one come between him and his championships. He was awarded the new Texas Championship, but only after vacating the Television championship he held against all comers, a tradition he carried with him as the Texas champion.

No one has had Rex Andrews’ number since his return. Will someone finally be able to figure him out, or will the “Taker of Arms” continue to add another trophy to his collection?

Fun fact: The domino on his tights is from competing in the World Championship Domino Tournament

Twitter: @rexandrews
Instagram: rexandrewsgrapples

When you were exiled to India, what all did you learn that you brought back with you?

Mindset, more than anything. You learn how to do a lot without conveniences that you are used to. It is a different mentality, a much stronger mentality. It was just something I had to do personally at a time in my life when I needed to evolve, and I needed to see how other people lived. It made me grow as a person, and take a stronger mentality and more active approach to my career when I came back.

You’ve been unstoppable since capturing the TV Title originally. Is there anyone you currently see being on your level?


You tore down every wall put in front you as TV Champion, then as Texas champion as well. Do you think this momentum can carry you to a future showdown with the ROW Champion?

Absolutely. To answer your former question further, is anybody on my level, well no. They made a new level for me. They made a championship and handed it to me because the Television championship wasn’t enough because challenging for the ROW Heavyweight championship was not a thing they had done with previous TV champions and they had to make a whole new divison, just for me. Just for my level of competition. Now to say the ROW Champion, is that a collision down the line… I think it is, if there is a question in people’s mind as to which championship is the most important. Is it mine? Mine is defended not just in ROW, but all over the country, against the best competition anywhere. It is more than just the elite in ROW, it is the elite anywhere. Like you said, I have been unstoppable for 7 months now with that championship. Will that lead to a confrontation down the line with the ROW Champion? I could absolutely see that being the case. Just because there are no more worlds to conquer.

Any final words for the ROW Nation?

If you have watched me steadily, you have seen that every month has been an evolution, every month has been growth and change, and better than the previous one. That is not something that is going to change. I have not shown you everything there is to see yet.

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