Mysterious Q

By Kirby Carreon


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Parts Unknown

“The Franchise” of the ROW and former 2-time ROW Heavyweight Champion, Mysterious Q recently made his return from injury, taking down the giant Sean Studd. Taking down giants is not something new to him, as a matter of fact, he has made it his specialty. The list is massive, no pun intended, but with his sights set on Rex Andrews and the Texas championship, Mysterious Q faces quite clearly his most dangerous challenge yet. With experiences in brutal stipulations, such as a cage match, he is ready for any challenge thrown at him.

Whether it’s a Q Cutter or the 455 splash, Mysterious Q has a lot of weapons at his disposal to put his enemies away. The Franchise is back, and he wants some more gold around his waist.

Fun fact: Mysterious Q is undefeated at Summer of Champions.

Facebook: Quintin Quinn
Instagram: Mysterious_Q

(Mysterious Q was unable to be found for an interview. We were not able to send a reporter to “Parts Unknown.”)

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