Kylie Rae

By Kirby Carreon

Kylie Rae Profile Page

Chicago, Illinois

The bubbly “Smiley” Kylie came to be the best Diamond that the ROW had to offer, and on her first night defeated Ivory Robyn to capture the championship. Her popularity amongst the ROW nation skyrocketed, and it was not hard to see why. Do not let the personality fool you though. Kylie Rae is as fierce as they come, and has defeated everyone that has been put in front of her. She holds the distinction of being a 2-time Diamonds champion.

We’ve only just seen the beginning of this road, and a 3rd run might not be too far out of reach.

Fun fact: while she is not wrestling, she works as a stunt woman for movies and tv shows such as Divergent and Shameless.

Twitter: @iamkylierae

How does it feel to be the only woman to be a 2-time Diamonds champion?

I don’t know if any words will do it justice. Imagine something that you’ve dreamed about your entire life. You wake up every day and work for this, even among the obstacles of others, whether they tell you you’ll never make it or that you’re not good enough, or the obstacles that you face within yourself, whether that be injuries or confidence. They say that the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it which is true to how I feel. Anyone who knows me, knows the amount of work that I put into this; because I don’t think it’s necessarily about what you get by achieving your goals, but it’s about what you become by achieving them.

Any other records that you could like to break or hold?

First ever Female Reality of Wrestling Champion. Some might laugh and think that’s unrealistic but growing up gender roles did not exist in my house. My parents taught me from a young age that if I work hard for something, I can do it, no matter my gender. I am deserving of every opportunity to achieve my dreams, and I hope every kid out there grows up thinking the same way.

You’ve done it almost all as part of the ROW Roster in such a short time. Any other things you would like to add to your resume?

I just want to keep building up this Diamonds Division. Womens wrestling is evolving and breaking glass ceilings each day. So I would like to see the Diamonds Division get some type of stipulation match and I would love to be a part of that.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be myself out there. Thank you for always picking me up even on my toughest days. Thank you for all of your support. Thank you for being there for us day in and day out.

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