Kind Words From The Superstar



WWE Hall of Famer, and Professional Wrestling Legend, “Superstar” Billy Graham took to Facebook recently to praise the owner of Reality of Wrestling, a legend and Hall of Famer in his own right, Booker T. Here’s what the Superstar had the say:

“Hello Facebook friends. I wanted to honor a man that grew up in Houston watching me perform and then became one of the great mega performers himself. None other than the “bad to the bone” Booker-T !!! Here is a photo of us together backstage at Raw, two nights after I was inducted into the WWE 2004 Hall of Fame, something that I am very proud of. Booker T has more charisma in one finger than half of the current WWE roster combined. A great, humble man of class and dignity. I love and respect this man that caused fans to jump out of their chairs when they saw him hit the ring !! There will never be another one like him. Thank you Booker for the excitement that you brought and bring to wrestling, and more importantly, thank you for your friendship, Superstar.”

We’d like to thank “Superstar” Billy Graham for his kind words! You can go check out his official Facebook page, here.

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