Kiefer Bartek

By Kirby Carreon

Kiefer Bartek Roster Profile

Abilene, Texas

Bartek started off his career with ROW as one of Legion’s minions. But soon after breaking free from the spell of Shawn Hendrix, Bartek found himself once again and began his new campaign: “Man Buns and title runs”. He had the man buns, and with former tag team partner Cam Cole, managed to capture the ROW Tag Team titles and start the title run. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be enough. Leaving his partner behind mid match, Bartek embarked on a new mission: the mission of “StarTek”.

Where will this new road lead? Find out on Fite TV!

Fun fact: Has been kicked out the state of Alaska

Twitter: @WhyKieferWhy
Instagram: WhyKieferWhy

What is your favorite memory as part of the ROW Roster?

Winning the Tag Team Championship as a part of “The Cool”.

You’ve been a tag team champion. Any other titles you have your eye on currently?

Every championship available to win. The TV Championship, Texas Championship and ROW Championship.

Where did the idea to call yourself “StarTek” originate?

The idea as most of my ideas come from bouncing them off of my good friends at the wrestling gym.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

When will Reality of Wrestling management recognize that my name is no longer Kiefer Bartek but “StarTek”?

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