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By Kirby Carreon

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Virginia Beach, Virginia


Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, JJ Blake made a quick impact on his arrival and became a name to keep an eye on after classic matches with Cam Cole, Evan Snow, and Kid Ransom. The Dynamite Adonis, as our commentator Brad Gilmore likes to call him, is the current “champion of ALL Television”. Yes, even the ones in space stations. JJ Blake has a loud mouth that’s drawn ire from his enemies, but he’ll take his devastating Blake End to them like an All-Star pitcher: one up, one down. He recently captured the Television Championship for the first time in a match against Terrale Tempo, and it’s clear to see he will do anything to keep a hold of it.

JJ Blake will be the first to tell you that he’s good, he’s great, he’s DY-NO-MITE!
Fun fact: Texas is his least favorite state
Facebook: Facebook.com/jj.blake.10
Twitter: @DoubleJBlake
Instagram: @DoubleJBlake

You have been with ROW for quite some time. How did it feel to win your first championship in ROW?

How do you think it felt? It felt great, it felt fantastic, felt DY-NO-MITE! That is who I am, that is what I will always be: a champion. Champion of all the televisions, and champion of all the world soon to be.

How did the DY-NO-MITE phrase come to fruition?

Because Booker T saw me one day and said that kid is going to be DY-NO-MITE, and now I am, and so it shall be.

Looking at the ROW Roster, who do you think deserves the next TV title opportunity?

Nobody. Not a single person on the ROW roster that deserves a shot at my championship, the championship of all the televisions in the world. The people I have gone against so far, I have already beat. Once, twice, thrice, I have beaten them all. There ain’t nobody that they can pit with me in the ring next that can take the championship away from me. I bet you can’t even find anyone brave enough to step foot in the ring with me. Do me and everyone at home a favor. Go find me a worthy opponent, someone that can actually put up a fight. You can go to the most southern tip of Florida to the highest tip in Alaska, you may even want to take a trip to Hawaii and go find me a little island man, find a hopeful with a dream in the jungle and maybe, just maybe he’ll upset me. He ain’t going to be able to do anything either. How about we go outside the United States? Lets try and find someone in Europe. Go to Europe and find the biggest fighter you can possibly find, and I will send him right back packing to whatever country he is from. You can go to South America, you can go to the rainforest and find me someone that wrestles boa constrictors every single second of the day to eat and put food on the table that night. I am going to tell you right now, I am going to beat him too. You can go all the way to Africa, go to the Congo, find me the biggest gorilla you can find, and I mean it, an actual gorilla, go find yourself a 800 pound silverback, and I am going to put him on his back too. It does not matter. You can go to China and find the fiercest fighter of all time. You can go find someone greater than Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan combined, and I will set them on their behind. You can go to Russia and find someone twice the size of Ivan Drago, and I will flatten him out right in his butt too. I will put him down in ten minutes. If I do not like his face, make it eight. If I do not like the way he smells, make it five. If I do not like the way he breathes, make it three. You can go across the world and find an opponent for me and you will find nobody. Nobody deserves to be in the ring with me because I am the champion of all television. I am going to be the greatest champion of all television, and there will never be anyone that can stop me. Nobody is going to do it better than I am doing it. Booker can take the title from me tomorrow, and I am telling you whoever comes next won’t ever do it better than I did. I’m going to repeat it one more time: Won’t. Ever. Be. Greater. Than. Me.

Anything else you want to say to ROW Nation?

Kick rocks. All of them. The people that do not like me, they can definitely kick rocks. People that want to sit around talking about me on the facebook comments always saying something about me talking too much, I am telling you right now they can kick the first rock, biggest rock you can possibly find. Tell them to go kick it. The people that want to sit there and say I can’t wrestle, and I suck, well I am the champion of all television so I must be doing something right, so you might want to sit down and shut your big fat mouth. For the people that do like me, the ones that love listening to me, that love watching me, they can kick rocks too. I do not need them, I do not need anyone to help me out, I do not need anyone to cheer for me, to have sympathy on me because they are not the ones that got me to where I am today. I am JJ Blake, I am the greatest of all time, I am the best you will ever see, if you know what is good for you, you will keep watching me fight. I am the only one in Reality of Wrestling that is DY-NO-MITE!

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