By Kirby Carreon

Hyaneyoung Profile Page

Houston, Texas

Starting off as former ROW Heavyweight Champions’ Fallah Bahh’s valet, Hyan showed soon after that she was not just looks. Entering the squared circle was an inevitable decision. Hyan started competing with the best Diamonds in the ROW and did not relent one bit. After a brief hiatus from ROW, Hyan traveled the world to better her skills, and upon her return, it showed she had made great improvements. Taking Kylie Rae to the limit, she was mere moments away from capturing her first Diamonds Title. Now a perennial contender, Hyan is looking to the future.

It has been shown that all Diamonds have an equal opportunity to capture the Diamonds title, can Hyan take that next step to capture her first championship?

Fun fact: Has been featured on Monday Night RAW.

Twitter: @_hyaneyoung
Instagram: @_hyaneyoung

What helped you make the decision to go from valet to wrestler?
I never had to make that decision. I have always wanted to be a wrestler, being a valet was just part of the journey to being a wrestler.
Any dream opponents that you have on your list?
I would love to get in the ring with Rex Andrews. I feel like I would learn a lot from him. In regards to female competitors, I would love love LOVE to wrestle Charlotte.
You have been very close to capturing the Diamonds Championship on several occasions. What do you think you are missing that is keeping you from becoming champion?
Well, if I knew, I guess I would be champion.
Any last words for the ROW Nation?
Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @_hyaneyoung. And thank you for watching the show.


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