Finding the right home furnishings is only half the battle; you also need to find it at the right price along with the level of customer service you expect. Just as no two houses are alike, no two furniture retailers are alike either. Quality, selection, payment terms and complete customer care are just the beginning. ​ The knowledgeable and courteous staff at Hilton Furniture specializes in matching furniture buyers with the right furniture and customer care. We’re committed to providing the highest quality service available anywhere. ​ For more than 15 years we have been helping Houston area furniture buyers realize their home furnishings dreams. We’re a family owned and run business. We understand that you’re not just making a furniture purchase; you’re investing in your family’s home. Hilton Koch, our founder, believes in the value of honest, ethical business dealings, and we’re committed to carrying on these principles in a way that we like to think would make any Dad proud. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you and your family find the right furniture to complete your home. We look forward to hearing from you.



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The Personal injury lawyers are strongly committed to providing Houston clients and clients throughout Texas with aggressive legal representation and quality personal service. Our commitment to pursue justice can be put to work for you if you call our offices about your personal injury lawsuit or insurance dispute claim. A Strong Reputation in the Community We are fully committed to our clients and their case. Our personal injury and insurance dispute attorneys handle cases with tenacious effectiveness. If you are in need of a law firm that will aggressively seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries then you should contact our offices as soon as possible. When you call Walker Texas Lawyer, you will speak with a lawyer who will protect your rights and interests from the beginning of your case to the settlement. Aggressive Legal Representation in Houston, Texas Was a loved one killed or seriously injured in a due to negligence of another? Were you paralyzed or injured in workplace injury? Were you seriously injured as in motorcycle accident? Has your insurance company denied your claim? If you were seriously injured or a loved one died because of the careless actions of another, you want justice. Hiring injury lawyers with the experience necessary to successfully handle your claim from the start is crucial. Our catastrophic personal injury and insurance dispute attorneys accept criminal cases and civil lawsuits for clients who have been injured in all types of injury cases, including: truck accidents,car accidents, maritime accidents, airplane and helicopter crashes, and insurance claim disputes. Whether you were injured in a construction accident, refinery explosion, unsafe product injuriesor an offshore accident, Walker Texas Lawyer will aggressively seek to recover adequate compensation for the damages and losses you have experienced. When the legal crisis you are facing is important, it is vital that with work with an attorney who will make the time to sit down and discuss your case, thoroughly explain your legal options, and effectively represent you in a court of law. The Houston, Texas litigation attorneys at Walker & Crawford, PC are more than adequately prepared to handle tough cases involving insurance dispute litigation and catastrophic personal injury. To schedule a no obligation consultation at our law firm office, contact us online or call us at 713-552-1117. Link To Website: http://www.walkertexaslawyer.com





The mission of Emergi Care is to provide our community with a convenient alternative to overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers by delivering fast, friendly, high-quality emergency medical treatment in a comfortable neighborhood setting. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care while providing excellent customer service and personalized attention. Urgent care centers aren’t staffed or equipped to treat critical or emergency medical problems. At Emergi Care, we offer the Clear Lake area 24 hour emergency room care, we are able to perform more extensive testing, and we can handle even life-threatening problems. Urgent Care Centers are not regulated by the state. Freestanding emergency room facilities like Emergi Care are required by the Department of Health to meet strict standards dealing with our staff, services, and equipment. At Emergi Care, you will always be evaluated by a board certified or board eligible physician.




Founded in December of 2004, we have built and installed over 75,000 solar screens, insect screens, and window blinds, We take pride in our craftsmanship and quality of the product we give you. We proudly extend a lifetime warranty on your solar screens.The King of Solar Screens has been family owned and operated since the beginning. We believe if it isn’t good enough for our home, it isn’t good enough for yours. That’s why we have always strived to manufacture and sell the very best product we can find. We have grown over the years from a local company to now selling nationwide the best screens and blinds on the market. We are active in our community and our church and look forward to assisting you and your home any way we can.


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In 2014, after one of the largest window screen companies in America went away, we were asked to expand our company from only servicing the Houston, TX area to covering the entire country. Thus Window Screen Manufacturers was born. After lots of research, Veronica, the owner, came to the realization that window screens just cost way too much. So she decided to sell screens at a price nobody can beat, she would rather sell 100 screens a day and keep the employees busy than sell a few dozen and have to shrink our work staff. We only carry and use 100% American made products. If you spend a few minutes and look around, you will find that we sell this product for 30%-90% cheaper! It’s the same product! Our screens come to you fully assembled and ready to be installed.

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