Bryan Keith

By Kirby Carreon

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Greenspoint, Texas

“The quickest kicks in the south”, Bryan Keith is the bounty hunter you can always count to get the job done. Making his name by having a successful and very arduous run at the TV Championship, Bryan Keith has been a staple to the ROW Nation. Hearing his iconic yell as he makes his entrance, you know that you’re in for a great night of action. Always fighting until the end and never giving up, Bryan Keith is sure to show you what it means to be a warrior, even fighting through injury just to be able to settle a score with former rival Rex Andrews in an epic feud in 2016.

The bounty hunter has been continually collecting bounty after bounty, and the trail will not stop any time soon. What does the future hold for Bryan Keith? Find out on Fite TV!

Fun fact: Met Booker T when he was 12 years old. He won the TV Title in the same building years later

Twitter: TYGBkeith
Instagram: bountykeith

What has been your favorite memory as a member of the ROW Roster?

Would have to be when I won the Television championship in the steel cage match against Ryan Davidson. When I was 12, I told Booker T that I would come back and wrestle for him, and then I managed to do it at the same yearly event. So that was pretty special to me.

It has been a while since you have held a championship in ROW. Are there any titles you have your eye on currently?

Definitely the Texas Championship. I feel that championship represents me the most. The fun thing about that is that Rex Andrews is holding it, he is somewhat my blood-sworn enemy, and we have some history there. He took the Television title from me, so it would be great to be the one that takes that title from him. Of course the ROW Championship. The Television championship, probably because it holds a very special place near and dear to my heart. Any gold really, is good gold. I am the Bounty Hunter.

Now that your rivalry with Rob Barnes is over, what do you see next for yourself?

Success. I was at one point the longest reigning champion in ROW, whether it be Television, Heavyweight, Texas. Check the calendars. It was a year, and maybe a month or two over. I am just trying to get back to that place, get back on top.

Any last words for the ROW Nation?

Well, for anybody that does not know, I wanna let them know I have the quickest kicks in the south. What I do out there, I do not just do it for me, I do it for everyone that has a dream or has that thing that they want to do. It may not always be the most popular thing, or maybe even the thing that they will not be most prepared for, but if you dig deep and keep on fighting, I am here to prove that hard work pays off.

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